Aix is just gorgeous 😍


Beautiful weekend dans le sud de la France 


Seven months in France!

So much has happened in the past seven months. It’s so crazy to think that I will be back home so soon. Je suis amoureuse avec French culture and the language. This year has been extremely relaxing and slightly stressful all at the same time. It took a different part of me. Improving your command and understanding of a language requires you to let go of fear. Fear of being wrong, fear of sounding stupid. I have met some of the most amazing people on the planet and I have learned more about myself than I ever imagined.


Night out for my girl S. Perk’s birthday 😜


A bit of barça 😁😘


Paris, mon Cherie

Paris was magnifique comme d’habitude. I will forever be enamored with the city of lights. The first night I got in I went with my friend Horacio over to Bastille to hit up the bars. It reminded me of the bar row we have in Aix (rue Verrire) ended up going to a bar he was hanging out at earlier that night. There was a huge of British girls, so loud. There was a mix of music from 2005. Alcohol. Drunk girls. And creepy looking guys. We called it a night kinda of early. And planned to go to the louvre the next morning.

We went to the Louvre and saw so many exhibits. Of course we saw Mona Lisa, Napoleon’s apartments, Venus de Milo. We also saw the Grecian statues, Egyptian artifacts, ahh I just love museums so I was nerding out. After the louvre we went to Trocadero to visit my girl Eiffy. I adore he Eiffel Tower. Just such a beautiful landmark. Last time I was in Paris I didn’t get to see Moulin Rouge so that was our next stop. Simply beautiful. I really like Montmatre and that whole area, it just reminds me of LA or SF meets Europe. Moulin Rouge was beautiful everything I hoped it would be. After our slightly busy day Horacio and I went back to our hostels to nap. The Drake & The Weeknd concert I was going to was the next day so I just wanted to kick it that night. My hostel had a bar on the first floor and such nice people. So Horacio came to my hostel and we just kicked it at the bar. Randomly that night there was an open mic night which was pretty cool. At first it was these two guys, one black and one white playing some funky jazz. Then it spiraled into people coming up and performing stuff.

The next morning I decided I was going to go to the musée cinémathèque française. I went but it wasn’t opened yet so I walked around the film library that is in the same building. I forgot that I had made plans with Horacio at Notre Dame, and I thought they were plans to meet at Sacre Coeur. So I ended up back in Montmatre solo. Haha I did some walking around on my tourist tip. Bought a beautiful teal dress for graduation. I finally got ahold of Horacio to let him know where I was then I realized I was slippin. We decided to meet at Jardin Tuilleries. Then I got all kinda of lost on metro. I grabbed some teriyaki chicken and noodles for lunch then we walked around the Jardin.


Ahh barcelona

I’m in Spain for the first time ever! With my best Fren



At the airport waiting for my best friend Cierra to get here! I am so freakin excited

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